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MediaSilo Rebrand Resources

In 2018, we recognized that the needs of our customers were changing. The tools of yesterday were no longer meeting the workflows of today or tomorrow. The industry needed a Shift in mentality. Thus, we named our company Shift.

However, having our company AND product named Shift has led to some confusion and questions. How is Shift both the company AND the product, but you have several other products? By introducing the Shift product, are you taking away MediaSilo and Wiredrive, products that I love? We have listened to customer feedback and made some slight changes that will create clarity on how we serve the market. 

On July 11th, we are bringing back the MediaSilo brand, and the product previously known as Shift will be known as MediaSilo moving forward. Most of the core workflows that the new and improved MediaSilo offers support what our previous MediaSilo Legacy customers required. The only immediate changes in the product are the logo and name. We’ll continue improving the interface and user experience, but you won’t be met with a completely new experience the next time you log-in.
Thanks for being a loyal customer. We look forward to helping your creative process with our suite of solutions for years to come.

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Having the company AND product named Shift has led to some confusion and questions in the market. Changing the Shift product brand to MediaSilo allows us to better communicate who we are, streamline our product offerings, and tap into the trust and respect the MediaSilo name has represented for years.

Yes! You may already be familiar with the “MediaSilo” name as that was one of our legacy products, launched in 2008. In 2021, our MediaSilo customers were upgraded to the new and improved “Shift” interface. This rebrand brings back the “MediaSilo” name, but keeps our users on the upgraded Shift product interface.

MediaSilo is a brand that represents secure management, sharing, review and presentation capabilities needed for high-value intellectual property that our customers work so hard at developing.

Nope! This is a change in name and logo only, the Shift product interface you know and love will stay exactly the same. We’re just putting on a fresh coat of paint!

We have very few customers still using the old MediaSilo product, which we now refer to as “MediaSilo Legacy”. When the time comes for your team to upgrade to the new platform, your Customer Success manager will work closely with you to plan this upgrade from MediaSilo Legacy to the new and improved MediaSilo platform.

No, the change of these names has no impact on the legal entity to which our customers make payments.

You may notice that some of the product URLs that you see and share (ex: Review Links and Spotlight links) still carry the “Shift” name, even after the rebranding. These deeper product branding changes will be worked on over the coming months, and we plan to have all items completely moved to the MediaSilo name before the end of the year.

In the past 12 months, we have migrated some of our customers with more complex review and approval workflows over to the Shift product. That solution (now known as MediaSilo) remains the best fit moving forward.

Yes! In order to receive future product updates and stay on top of the most recent product versions, please go to www.mediasilo.com/download to download the new MediaSilo application. All of your projects and works in progress will be reflected in the new application after download.

Once the new MediaSilo application is installed, you should uninstall the old application (Shift) from your computer.

Click Here to Download Our New Logo Package

Have more questions?Reach out to your Customer Success Manager or customersuccess@mediasilo.com.